Get In Fast with ID-based, Digital Ticketing

The Flash Seats digital ticketing system gives you these great benefits:

  • No tickets to forget at home
  • Fast and easy entry into event
  • No lost, stolen, or counterfeit tickets, just great seats

Getting In

Flash Seats eliminates the hassle of paper tickets! Instead of a paper ticket, you can choose any convenient form of digital ID (credit card, driver’s license, etc.) as your method of getting in to the arena. Your card will be swiped by a Guest Services representative using a hand-held device. You will receive a seat locator identifying your seats. It’s really fast.


The Flash Seats system lets you use these convenient features:

Buy Sell Transfer

Buy Tickets Sell Tickets Transfer Tickets

Become a Flash Seats account holder

Have paper season tickets? For details on switching to Flash Seats, call Flash Seats Customer Service at 888-320-SEAT (7328).

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Enter games with your digital’s fast and easy! For more information, please call:
Customer Service:
888-320-SEAT (7328)