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Have a seat in your Flash Seats account that you can’t use? Sell It Now! Selling seats has never been easier or faster. You can sell any seat securely and anonymously in our online electronic marketplace. Review your seats, select those you can’t use, and list them for sale at the price you want*. With electronic ticketing, buyers can purchase your seats right up until game time!
*Limitations may vary based on team/arena/event

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Offer your tickets for immediate sale at a price you choose. Change your price anytime you want. You’ll have the choice of waiting to sell at your price, or accepting other bids for your tickets.


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Flash Seats handles the payments for you, and you remain anonymous. It’s no hassle and completely safe!

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Have paper season tickets? For details on switching to Flash Seats, call Flash Seats Customer Service at 888-320-SEAT (7328).

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